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Water Tower.jpg
Water Tower, Graphite

Ken Rowe

Painter, craftsperson, aquarius, and the one with dirty hands

Ken Rowe is in a perpetual state of reinvention. A formally trained sculptor with an MFA from the University of Oregon, and a self trained digital artist, he is also an illustrator, graphic designer, and painter.

Dianne Rowe

Admin, Virgo, and the one with the communication skills

Dianne Rowe is the slightly more organized half of Rabbit Road. When she's not updating the Rabbit Road's IG, searching for shows and following up on pet portraits, she's a middle school theatre teacher. Trying to wrangle Ken and running a rehearsal with 30 middle schoolers are remarkably similar. 

wedding thank you.jpg
Dianne and Ken's Wedding Thank You Cards, Digital Art

Meet The Team




benedict website.jpg

Benedict Bowie

Auggie Website.jpg

August Warren Weasley


Hades Ignatius, 
Marquis de Razorpaws

The Rabbit Road Story

High school sweethearts, Ken and Dianne were married in 2015 and the plans for Rabbit Road were hatched soon after. 

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